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3D Prometheus | High Poly | 8K Texture


Triangles 4M
Vertices 2M


Made of sandstone, integrated into the facade of the main building of the University of the Arts. The fountain was created in 1901 by Emil Hundrieser (1846-1911) and restored in 1987. A group of figures 3.5 meters high stands on a base about one and a half meters high: In the middle is a Prometheus, an elderly man with a long beard, forged onto the rock on his upper arms; because he had stolen fire for men, he was punished by the gods; next to him an eagle, to the left two naked women. The kneeling tries to free Prometheus. The other leaned her head on her hand in mourning. This is followed by the contents of the column on the right address

University of the Arts Hardenbergstrasse 33 10623 Berlin


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