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Friedrich Wilhelm III. Monument


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The monument to King Friedrich Wilhelm III. rests on an octagonal granite foundation. The two-tier, octagonal pedestal of the multi-zone round base rises above it. The round base shows in the second zone on the front a recessed two-line inscription. The main zone of the round base shows a 1.15 meter high frieze in relief with merging figural scenes. The reliefs show allegorical groups of figures on the subject of “blessings of peace” and in particular “hymns of praise to the zoo”. The background of the figurative scenes shows plants depicted in low relief: bushes, shrubs, trees, reeds and flowers.

Source: https://bildhauerei-in-berlin.de/bildwerk/koenig-friedrich-wilhelm-iii-von-preussen/

Created with GoPro 9 and DJI Mini 2 – 302 Pics



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